The Power Of Creative Imagination

There is power in creative imagination. How can you use this power to design and actualize your ideal life? Although there is no universal formula for success, there is a range of approaches that are well suited to a variety of temperaments and environments, some certain elements of strategy that are useful to remember and will help you. Get ready to unleash the power of your creative imagination as Dr. Sundardas guides us to find out what works for you and make that your method.


The Power Of Creative Imagination


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“Great spirits have always found violent opposition from mediocracy. The latter cannot understand that the man does not thoughtlessly submit to inherit the three prejudices but honestly and courageously uses his intelligence and fulfill the duty to express the results of his thoughts in clear form.” Albert Einstein quoted that in New York Times, March 19, 1940. Are you ready to unleash the power of your creative imagination? Wish fulfillment. Our wishes and desires are defining attributes of our individuality, but how many people can make their dreams come true?

Many people don’t even know what they really want, much less how to accomplish their goals. There are others who know exactly what they want but still can’t quite get their acts together to accomplish their heart’s desire. Wish fulfillment is something that first enters human consciousness at an early age indeed. In fact, we all learn to desire long before we learned to speak. We form wordless impressions of what we want or don’t want, and this is the earliest concept we have of this subject. These impressions persist and they constitute part of the underlying structure that shapes all our future wishes.

The nature of desires. From the moment we are born, most of us, we begin to wish for the warm, safe environment of the womb from which we had been violently pushed or pulled into this world. The personality before and from that moment on is largely shaped by our desires. These fall into two broad categories. Those things we like to have more of and those things we rather get rid of or get away from. In general, people feel they’re more attracted to pleasurable things and try to avoid painful things, but it doesn’t always work as we expect it to. As long as we continue to be attracted or repelled, however we will continue to endeavor to satisfy the desires that arise as a result. We developed theories in our minds for what actions might yield results. As infants, long before we have any concept of what words mean, we soon learned to use words however in our strategy to gain our heart’s desire. At some point, words and actions become connected. As we find there’s a word for almost anything, we can do or possess. Later, as we learn more complex behaviors, we are supplied with phrases and sentences to describe other things as well.

This also gives each of us tools to aid in obtaining what we wish to have in our lives. On the other hand, where words bring us some things, they don’t help us to obtain other things at all. Many things are possible to attain or obtain only if we take correct action at the right time and place. Sometimes strategies that worked well with one person or one group of people are poorly adapted to the temperament of the other and make life tough to understand. Similarly, differing situations demand differing solutions to the same problems. It seems that there is no universal formula for success, but rather a range of approaches particularly well-suited to a variety of temperaments and environments. Although there is no single strategy for getting what you want that works for all people and all situations, certain elements of strategy are useful to remember and will help you to find the best approach to a given task. The idea here is not to merely adopt a policy based on someone else’s method but to find out what works for you and make that your method.

The Law of Attraction. The phrase the Law of Attraction although used widely by esoteric writers does not have a conceptual definition. However, the general consensus among new thought thinkers is that the Law of Attraction takes the principle of like attracts like and applies it to conscious desire. That is a person’s thoughts, conscious and subconscious emotions and beliefs cause a change in the physical world and attract positive and negative experiences that correspond to the aforementioned thoughts with or without the person taking action to attain such experiences. This process has been described as a harmonious vibration of the Law of Attraction or you get while you think about your thoughts in your experience.

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Creative Imagination: The general consensus among new thought is that the Law of Attraction takes the principle of like attracts like and applies it to consciousness.


Principles of the Law of Attraction. Many people had said the Law of Attraction is a guide for living on the basis of their faith in the universe, in the universal laws. That’s to them the nature of the law is not one to be settled scientifically and the word “law” carries the same belief based on non-scientific laws from other religions such as the Law of Karma and the Ten Commandments. This is especially true among those who have adherence to various new thoughts.

One common way that new thought adherence utilizes the Law of Attraction is through a practice of positive affirmations. In essence, it is to know what one desires and ask the universe for it. The universe is mentioned broadly stating it can be anything the individual envisions it to be from God through an unknown source of energy. Focus one’s thoughts upon the thing decided with great feelings such as enthusiasm or gratitude. Feel and behave as if the object of one’s desire is already acquired. Be open to receiving it. Thinking of what one does not have, they say manifest itself in the perpetuation of not having. While if one abides by these principles and the voice negative thoughts, the universe will manifest the person’s desire.

The seven steps, desire. You have that strong enthusiasm for that which you want in your life. A real longing for something which is not there. Decision. Know definitely what it is that you want to do or have? Ask. When you are enthusiastic, ask for it in a simple, concise language. Believe. Believe in the accomplishment with strong faith, consciously and subconsciously. Work. Work at it a few minutes daily, seeing yourself in the finished picture. Never outline details, but rather see yourself enjoying that particular thing. Eventually, we’ll see a time it will just appear as a gift or such, or you may see an opportunity to get what you were asking for.

Feel gratitude. Always remember to say, “Thank you, God, universe,” and begin to feel the gratitude in your heart. The most powerful prayer which you’ll ever make are those three words provided. Feel as though you already have what you want. Feel expectancy. Train yourself to live in the state of happy expectancy. Find a way it will appear in your life and keep believing that maybe somebody gives it to you or you’re finding initiation to get it. Part of this is about training your attitudes and emotions. The other part is about training your habits. The last part is about creating the right environment. Enough studies have shown that the vividly and sensory-based imaginative training is indistinguishable from actual experience. This is the principle of mind training that all top-class Olympic champions, those who do extensive rehearsal like actors and dancers. I know of a surgeon who had to operate on twins who were joined at the hip level. In order to prepare for the incredibly rare surgery, he created a plasticine model and rehearsed for the final surgery. Needless to say, the surgery went well.

On this podcast, I’m willing to help you design a life that works so that you are able to say yes to the things that matter and eliminate everything else that slows you down. The clearer you can be about how to organize your daily life to support your bigger vision, the more you step into your true potential, stay on track and accomplish all that you want and deserve. Are you ready to make that happen? Feel free to reach out to me and ask a question at Your life is a gift, design it. Do what matters. Join me as we get closer to designing the life of your dreams. Join me on the next episode of Life By Design.

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