Wealth Blueprint Seminar

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Believe It! Your Inability to gain the level of wealth you want in your life was programmed into you by the age 7! Don’t blame your business, clients, job or your bosses for your situation! Find out how YOU stop YOU!




Those who consistently build wealth-making machines understand the difference between wealth and money. If you only know how to make money, when you lose your money you cannot generate it again. If you know the difference between wealth and money, if you lose all your money, you can still generate wealth and make money.
There are different levels of education when it comes to wealth. Each level of education brings more and more wealth.

  1. Get a job without much education and get a minimum wage like working in a fast food joint.
  2. Get a diploma or degree and your salary will be triple that.
  3. If you work in an area that you got your diploma or degree in your have higher prospects for advancement.
  4. Become educated about wealth creation and you can begin the road to creating your own wealth mechanisms.

The question for you is where are you in the above categories? Level 1, 2, 3 or 4?

There are 3 levels of awareness on the path way to creating wealth.

  1. Get a good education and work for someone or a company. You will then get a salary and live from pay cheque to pay cheque hoping you touch the lottery or get the inheritance. Research has shown that no one to date who won a lottery remained rich.
  2. Start your own business and start managing the lives of other people who work for you. Learn all about cash flow, return on investment and how to market your products and services.
  3. Become a student on the path to becoming a Self-Made Millionaire. At this level you understand your innate wealth creation pathways. You are also aligned with your values and beliefs and you have the necessary habits to perpetuate your mechanisms of wealth.

Where are you on the above three levels?

We actually live at a time in Asia of tremendous possibilities. While opportunities abound, less than 10% will actually become self-made millionaires. What distinguishes this group from the others is that they understand that there are certain rules about creating wealth. They understand the difference between money and wealth. They also understand the importance of being educated about wealth. So to become a wealth creator you need to understand your Millionaire Blueprint.

So what is you Millionaire Blueprint made up of?

  1. Your core values and beliefs about making money. This is your Personal Success Blueprint
  2. Your innate psychological type. This is the type that determines what is the best pathway for you to build your money machine.
  3. An overview of your habits and whether they support you making money. Your 10,000 hour expertise (ages 13 to 21)



Identify Your Wealth Profile And The Necessary Changes For Success

  1. Discover your Wealth Chasm – The gap between where you are and where you need to be, to be financially independent.
  2. Discover how you repeat your family’s wealth patterns often to your disadvantage. This will help you get clarity about how you make and lose your fortune. It will help you get clear about how to change it.
  3. Learn the secret of your personal Wealth Profile. There are 18 possible profiles. If you know the secret of your profile, you will not waste time. Understanding your personal Wealth Profile will help you become clear about
    • Where to put your time, effort and energy
    • The crucial other types that you need to network with to multiply your assets
    • The working environment that would best optimize and maximize your income
  4. Discover your 10K rule that tells you which arena you need to put your efforts to maximize returns on your investment.

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