How to Build and Grow Your Business Around Your OWN Book

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What you will learn:

  • The most powerful strategy to set you up for LONG TERM growth,
    prosperity, influence, and profits
  • What to do in 2018 that can propel you to greater heights, grow
    your business and makes you a celebrity in your industry
  • Proven ways to STOP chasing customers, scout for clients and
    struggle to build a list
  • The 3 things that keep people from creating authority, branding and
    reputation and the solution to solve these problems permanently!
  • The secret strategy that celebrities use consistently, that you can
    COPY and use to your own advantage
  • Traditional publishing Vs. Self-publishing or the brand new model
    Hybrid Publishing. What’s best for you?
  • The 8 critically important things you must know BEFORE you decide
    to have a book in your name

Go from being UNSEEN to becoming the top AUTHORITY using the latest
Influential Marketing and Persuasion strategies.

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To Your Success

Dr Sundardas