Success Mastery Bootcamp

Success Mastery

The Closest Thing To Law of Attraction at Work

Believe It! Many graduates can attest to being a magnet for opportunities after attending this workshop.

What would it be like if you could reset your life?

You would have the full resources of a mature adult but without the baggage. No worries, no history of problems or failures, no competing commitments, no things that keep you from getting what you want.

That’s what will happen in February.

You will simply go to the place where your pure and unfettered imagination resides, and from that place, with the full power of your heart’s desire, and with full commitment, create your life as you would like it to be.

This retreat is not going to be the typical self-improvement event where you learn “daily practices” that you should do every day the rest of your life such as standing in front of the mirror and reciting affirmations as you brush your teeth… or reading through your goals aloud before going to bed… or practicing gratitude… or writing down all of your victories…

Those are all fine. Those can be hugely transformative. And we strongly recommend that you do things like that. They are part of many of our personal learning courses. They are what we do ourselves.

And, the Success Mastery retreat will be different.

You’ll begin by understanding how you’ve been creating your life all along and realize all the personal resources and strengths you already have working for you. AND NOW, you’re going to do it in a way to get the results you want.

“Transform your life through the push of a button.”

Bring your baggage, but plan on leaving it behind

Bring your problems and issues, competing agreements, bad behaviors, whatever you are doing or not doing, physical obstacles, emotional blocks, limiting beliefs, everything and anything that keeps you from the life of your dreams.

Dr Sundardas will show you how to recondition your mind to handle them all as efficiently as possible.

You will know what new behaviors, habits, skills, attitudes, beliefs, motivators, resources, and people you need to succeed, and you will know how to bring it all into your life.

Through the 4 days Dr Sundardas will guide you into bringing powerful intentions forth to achieve results.

He will lead you through a series of experiences, mental exercises, and deep processes that will awaken your mind, open your heart, strengthen your will, stimulate your imagination, amplify your intuition, and propel you toward your ideals, no matter what they may be.

You will return home with a reinvigorated outlook, and the tools, methods, and a comprehensive plan to make it all a reality.

A breakthrough most people never do in their entire lives

You know what you want but may not have a clue how to accomplish it. Or, you may want to do it quicker. That’s where Dr Sundardas begins your retreat: by guiding you to craft your goals according to the “Success Mastery Formula of Attainment” where you’ll become absolutely clear on the destination you choose and your commitment to your success.

For this 4 days, Dr Sundardas. will be your guide in SUCCESS MASTERY

No one is a better guide than Dr Sundardas. He knows how the mind works, and he knows how to lead you to success.

It doesn’t end when you go home. His support will continue. You will receive ongoing performance support through three monthly follow-up group coaching calls to keep everything alive that you learned and experienced during the retreat.

There’s nothing worse than letting commitments fade. Dr Sundardas. will help keep the enlightened realizations burning brightly in you as you develop what you need to transform your life.

Listen, we could make a billion promises like the following, which will absolutely show in your life as side benefits from the retreat:

  1. Achieve more than you thought possible
  2. Have more abundance in any area of your life
  3. Attain new radiant energy that will be felt by others
  4. Live with greater vibrant health
  5. Attract the support and love you want
  6. Communicate with additional clarity
  7. Realize new depths of spiritual wisdom
  8. Shine with your natural brilliance

Yes, I could make those promises, and whichever you want to bring into your life, you will. I have no doubt about that. But our promise is simpler:

You will be certain you will achieve your goals

It does not matter your goals. They could be financial security, a better relationship, some huge corporate project, a life-changing scientific breakthrough, writing a book, building a house, running for mayor of your town. What you will experience during the retreat will work on any goals.

Dr Sundardas has spent the twenty five years of his adult life helping people just like you maximize their potential. His commitment to transformation is without question. His passion for personal excellence has shined for decades.

Learn from this man. Soak it in. Experience what he offers. And make huge progress in your life. He has been preparing his whole life for this 4 days with you.




Success Permission (SP)

  1. Help You Detect Your Blocks
  2. Help You Eliminate Your Blocks

Success Mastery (SM) – Reprogram the Unconscious: RAS

  1. Attract Relationship, Health and Wealth Prosperity, Abundance and Vitality
  2. Clear other types of Blocks and Energy Leaks to Prosperity
  3. Align Your Unconscious and Conscious Values, Beliefs and Goals
  4. Create HABITS that support prosperity and life expectancy



  • 4 months Transformational Coaching
  • 3 Parts
    • ½ day Self-assessment
    • 4 day (residential) coaching program
    • 3 Coaching Sessions for 3 months (1X / mth)


Potential to become a certified Fractal Field Coach, Consultant


  • Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) – Understanding your values and motivation
  • Enneagram – Ancient Esoteric Personality Model
  • Personal Profile Inventory (PPI) – Identifies stress and performance level in different areas of life (leaks and blocks)
  • Personal Health Inventory


  1. Clear Goals: Redefine your goals so that you and your unconscious are in total alignment
  2. Know Thy Self: Understand your Motivations, Preference Communications Style and Conflict Sequence
  3. Align Values: Find out what are your unconscious values about your goals and re-arrange them to align with your goals
  4. Bust Beliefs: Uncover any unconscious beliefs about your goals and clear them using the SP process
  5. Straighten Time Line: Identify your time line and use it to resolve past issues
  6. Goals Integration: Integrate all the goals you have set in all areas of your life into a Composite Goal
  7. Activating RAS: Imprint your Composite Goal into your unconscious



Self Assessment:    
Tue July 2012 , 715pm – late
251A Victoria Street Bugis Village
Seminar Date:    
Thu – Sun, 26 – 29 May 2012
To confirm time / venue (Batam Provisional)
Coaching Date:    
Starting from 3 Sept 2012 715pm – 10pm
251A Victoria Street, Bugis Village


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