Sales and Negotiation Skills Training


Negotiation skills are crucial for sales professionals in today’s business environment. Sales people make several common mistakes when they negotiate. Sales people tend to concede too much, and focus on price and not enough on exchanging currencies other than price. Many sales people underestimate their power. They often aren’t as comfortable with formal contract negotiations. The Sales Negotiation Skills Workshop focuses on these problems and the practical skills and techniques necessary to achieve win/win agreements. Participants learn to identify, select, and execute various tactics and to respond to adversarial tactics.

The Sales Negotiation Workshop looks at cutting edge technology that is used by the leading sales communicators and platform closers around the world. It teaches you how to market to your niche audience by creating precisely tailored communication both verbal and non-verbal.

It teaches you vital elements of the sales cycle that are often overlooked by most sales and communications programs. It provides an overview of the sales process whether on a one to one basis or one a one to many basis.

Who Should Attend:
All members of the sales organization (Sales Managers, Sales Professionals, Account Executives, Customer Service, etc) that engage in communications with external customers. Also entrepreneurs and professionals who wish to positively impact their bottomline.

Course Outline and Key Topic Areas include:

  • Recognizing the Need for a Win-Win Solution
  • Principled Negotiations with Customers
  • Understanding the Business Buyer’s Motivation
  • Getting to “Yes” Without Negotiating
  • Knowing When to Negotiate
  • Analyzing You / Your Customer’s Positions
  • Using Communication and Listening Skills to Set the Tone and Control the Negotiations
  • Use Persuasive Skills to Make Your Point
  • How to Handle Intimidation Tactics
  • Understanding Your Needs and Your Customer’s Needs
  • Develop Your “Best Alternatives” and Empower Your “Walk Away” Position
  • Identifying and Developing and Evaluating Alternatives
  • Steps to a Negotiated Solution and Achieving a “Yes”
  • Discover the secrets of using Body Language to get deep understanding of your client
  • Discover the neuroscience behind selling


How You Will Benefit:

  • Develop the confidence, skill-set and strength to enter into negotiations
  • Learn why “principled negotiation” works best and the need to maintain positive relationships
  • Understand your customer’s (the buyer’s) motivation
  • Understand how to create a good negotiating environment
  • Learn how to secure “Yes” without negotiating
  • Understand when you need to negotiate
  • Recognize negotiating types and styles
  • Learn to use communication and listening skills to “set the tone” and “control” the negotiations
  • Know how to recognize visual and non-visual and body language cues and how to use them
  • Develop the skills to persuasively present your position
  • Learn how to handle hardball negotiations and intimidation tactics – and solidify your customer relationship
  • Understand the desirable traits of a successful negotiator
  • Build the skills to analyze and identify individual and organizational motivations
  • Learn to identify and develop alternatives that would strengthen your position
  • Learn to develop your “best alternatives” and empower your “walk away” position
  • Learn the steps to a negotiated solution and to achieving a “Yes”
  • Learn to alter the approach between “high trust” and “low trust” negotiations
  • Understand how to optimize the negotiated solution